Xam Idea Class 12 Chemistry pdf download free

Xam Idea Class 12 Chemistry pdf
Xam Idea Class 12 Chemistry pdf

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The Xam Idea Class 12 Chemistry pdf Xam idea is a comprehensive exam preparation system for secondary and senior classes. It is strictly according to the latest revised CBSE syllabi and examination pattern. Knowledge-based questions – to know specific terms, concepts, identify, define information. Play Store
High Order Thinking Skills-based questions to analyze, classify, compare, contrast, or differentiate between unique pieces of information from a variety of sources. Application-based questions to apply knowledge to new situations from abstract information in concrete situations.

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Xam Idea Class 12 Physics 2019

Xam Idea Class 12 Biology 2019

The books show material that is inconsistency with the CBSE examination paper structure. Every one of the sections of each book is partitioned into 2 areas: Part-An and Part-B. Section An incorporates the Basic ideas, significant NCERT course reading, and NCERT Exemplar (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology) questions. Not just this, every one of the inquiries has been additionally partitioned (as indicated by the imprints) into different areas of Very Short Answer, Short Answer, and Long Answer Questions. Each section incorporates expanded inquiries dependent on ‘Recollecting and understanding’,’Higher Order Thinking Skills'(HOTS) and ‘Application’, ‘values’ (All with answers).To oil, the wheels to endeavor circuitous and trouble – level inquiries in the Board test by the understudies, ‘Capability work out’ has been given in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. ‘Contextual investigation’ in Business Studies and Psychology are an indispensable piece of books. Part-B incorporates most recent CBSE Sample Papers, CBSE Examination Papers of 2017 (Delhi, All India, and Foreign) with complete arrangements. Unsolved Model Question Papers have been embedded for sufficient routine with regards to the examinations. Specifically, 20 Unsolved Model Question Papers for Maths have been given. Part-C has been consolidated in a few subjects, which features ‘Undertaking Work’.

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