What Is Cell Banks ??

What Is Cell Banks 1


The storage of cells for use to the future as study purpose or for gain to desire product called cell bank. a good cell bank includes maintenance of a single cell line, identification confirmed by DNA fingerprinting, purity testing for viruses, bacteria, etc., and stability testing for expression.


Preparation of a cell bank of an individual cell line covered in its transformation, expression, and characterization of these individual cell lines. after this process of cell bank preparation apply much passage( culture to many times) on these to gain real desire cell lines which used further for storage as cell bank because after passing of cells become rich in genetic stability than we can store them for a long time.


Storage of cell line as a cell bank requires to make the availability of them for a long time in pure condition and free from contamination. storage of cells doing inform of cryo vials than these vials placed on the tray. and then them freezing at low temperatures in liquid nitrogen. but before vials treat with an optimum low temperature about -30 to -60 degrees Celsius than keep them very low temperature to avoid to cells by ice damage. in deep freezing cells got very low metabolic activity and growth and avoided by contamination like viruses, yeast, bacterial. also, the benefit of these cells can not losses their characteristics or genetic stability, and expression.

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