What is a video thumbnail

How To Make A Thumbnail

What is a video thumbnail (youtube videos)

Many journals, when writing a paper, ask the authors of the article to present their work in a graphic abstract image file.

(How To Make A Thumbnail) The video summary is a summary of the main findings of the paper. The video is written in such a way that the reader will easily notice the scientific message. Therefore, it is necessary for the author to provide the reader with the entire flow of his research and its result in a graphics format that is visual and understandable.

How to start writing a paper

Image thumbnails will be displayed in the list of online search results, online content listings, and online articles, but not in the PDF file or in the printed version.


In some universities, thesis presentation is also required.

The best software (thumbnail creator app) that you can draw with a video thumbnail is the Adobe Illustrator graphics software, which you can draw with your own vector graphics. Learning this software (despite its massive scale) is simple and sweet.

The easiest way to draw an image abstract is to use available tools. You do not need to look for strong software to do this. Access software like paint and powerpoint are the simplest options for this.

Introduction to R Software

The pictures below are examples of image abstracts that I have used in some articles. These images are completely powered by PowerPoint.

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