Ncert Solutions For Class 12 English The Tiger King

Ncert Solutions For Class 12 English The Tiger King


1, What was the miracle that took place in the royal palace?

Ans.  When the Maharaja was a 10-day old infant, he spoke and asked intelligent questions about his death. After knowing that he would be killed by a tiger he uttered saying “Let tigers beware.”

2. How was the Tiger King brought up?

Ans. As a child, the Tiger King was brought up by an English nanny and tutored in English by an Englishman. He was given the milk of an English cow. He watched only English movies

3, What did the State astrologer say he would do ‘if the hundredth tiger were also killed’?

Ans. The State astrologer was so sure of his prediction that he announced that he would cut off his ceremonial tuft, crop his hair short and become an insurance agent in case the king was able to kill the 100th tiger, too. He was sure that the Maharaja’s death would be caused by the 100th tiger.

4, What did the high-ranking British officer wish to do? Was his wish fulfilled?

Ans. The high-ranking British officer wanted to kill a tiger. He was denied permission to hunting. He sent a word to the king that he would be happy if he was allowed to get photographed with the carcass of a tiger killed by the king. His wish remained unfulfilled.

5, How did the maharaja get more tigers to kill when he had killed all the tigers in his kingdom?

Ans. Left with no other alternative, the king thought of getting married into a royal family. His criteria for selecting a bride was only that his-inlaws’ estate should have a sufficient number of tigers. Finally, he found his desired match. He pursued his one-point program of meeting the tally of hundred tigers.

6, How and why was the hundredth tiger honored?

Ans. King had ordered that the hundredth tiger should be brought in the city with a procession and a tomb should be built over its mortal remains. It was to commemorate the killing of the hundredth tiger, his sole motive of life. After killing the hundredth tiger the king was very much relieved and had a sense of achievement.


1, How did the Tiger King meet his end? What is ironic about his death?


How did the prediction of the chief astrologer come true, though he had killed a hundred tigers?

Ans. It was the 3rd birthday of the Maharaja’s son and he wanted to buy a present from the toy shop. He bought a wooden tiger that was poorly carved by an unskilled carpenter. It had a rough surface with tiny slivers of wood standing up like quills all over it, his arm got infected. In four days, it developed into a suppurating sore and spread all over the arm. The king died while being operated upon. The king’s death is ironic but not surprising. Having ‘killed’ the 100th tiger, the king is thrilled for he has fulfilled his vow and disproved the prediction of the royal astrologer. He is now at ease for he thinks he cannot die of a tiger’s attack. No wonder, he orders the ‘dead’ tiger to be taken in a procession through the town and gets a tomb erected over it. All this while he does not know that the 100th victim was not killed by him but by other hunters. That is indeed quite ironic. Death is lurking around him and the king is unaware of it. Again, it is ironic that a king who has killed 100 tigers and is bold and fearless dies of a mere sliver on the body of a wooden tiger. Thus, ironically death does come to him from a tiger

2, How flattery is eating into the roots of our society and polity? Explain taking reference from ‘The Tiger King”.

Ans. Flattery is evident in almost all places. It basically satisfies the ego of a person who is being treated in lofty terms. With words and gestures, a false world is created around so as to befool that fellow. Actually, the person frames unrealistic ideas about himself and falls prey to the sweetened pills. Wrong deeds are committed so as to meet the self-interest. The genuine people are ignored at the cost of fake ones. It checks the healthy growth of relationships and whence the development of society. The real cause and issues are left behind and pretension prevails. This whole idea unfolds in Tiger King in a humorous manner – to appease the king, Courtier had not spared a chance to fulfill his whims and fancies. Such sort of administration leads to the ultimate fall of the estate. King met his end on the operation table at the hands of his saviors i.e., doctors.

The Tiger King Important Points to Remember

Maharaja Pratibandhpuram born as an extra-ordinary child

Prediction about his death due to a tiger.

Ten-day old child surprises all by his intelligent questions.

The child is brought up like an English child.

The Prince grows up and becomes a great king.

The king decides to kill a tiger.

But the chief astrologer warns him that he will be killed by the hundredth tiger.

He started killing tigers and thus killed seventy tigers.

He marries a princess whose kingdom boasted of tigers.

He killed ninety-nine tigers.

But he was unable to find one more tiger.

The Dewan brought an old and feeble tiger from the zoo.

The tiger king aimed at it but it fainted. The king thought that he killed a hundred tigers.

After the king went away the tiger opened its eyes.

One of the hunters killed it.

The tiger was honored and taken in a procession.

The king purchased a wooden tiger for his son.

It sliver pierced the hand of the king.

Short Answer Questions for Practice

  1. How did the ‘duraisani’ behave on receiving the gifts?

  2. Why did the Maharaja’s tiger killing mission come to a sudden halt?

  3. Why did Maharaja order the dewan to double the tax?

  4. What did the Maharaja buy as a birthday gift for his son?

  5. How did the king’s hand become seriously infected?

  6. How did the tiger king acquire his name?

  7. What predictions did the astrologers make at the birth of the Tiger King?

  8. What steps were initiated by the Maharaja in order to ban the tiger killing in his state?

  9. How was Maharaja able to save his kingdom?

  10. Why did the Maharaja decide to marry?

  11. Why did the Dewan take the tiger to the forest? How?

  12. How did the tiger taken by Dewan meet his end?

  13. How did the tiger king celebrate his victory over the killing of the hundredth tiger?

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