Ncert Solutions For Class 12 English The Enemy

Ncert Solutions For Class 12 English The Enemy

Short Answer Questions

1, Why did the General overlook the matter of the enemy soldier?

Ans. The General had an attack and according to Dr. Sadao, he could not survive the second attack. So if Dr. Sadao was arrested, no other doctor was capable of performing the operation. So for furthering his selfish needs he overlooked the matter and promised to send his assassins. But he was so self-absorbed, he forgot about it.

2, Why was Dr. Sadao not sent with the troops?

Ans. The General thought that Dr. Sadao is indispensable to his life and can save anyone as he is very skilled.

He also does not trust anyone except Dr. Sadao. So he was not sent with troops.

3, How was the plan of the patient’s escape executed in the story?

Ans. The prisoner was successful in his escape only because of the right guidance and help from Dr. Sadao. He provided him his boat, gave him food, made him wear Japanese clothes, and also helped him in the comfortable sail to a nearby island.

4, Why did the servants leave Dr. Sadao’s house?

Ans. They were not in favor of keeping the American prisoner hidden in the house. They also did not want Dr. Sadao to save his life as he was the enemy. Also, if the police came to know of it, all their lives would be in danger. So they left the house.

5, How did Hana help Dr. Sadao?

Ans. Hana was very helpful while the operation was on. She dipped a small clean towel into the steaming hot water washed the face of the soldier herself. She was requested to give the anesthetic if needed. With the help of instruments from his emergency bag, Sadao made a clean and precise incision. The bullet was out and the doctor declared that the man would live.

6, Why did Dr. Sadao’s father send him to America though he hated Americans?

Ans. The sole motive behind his decision may be the lure of technological advanced medical studies available in America. As he may have wanted his son to be trained according to the latest medical development.

7, Which difficulties did Dr. Sadao face for the sake of the enemy?

Ans. First of all, Dr. Sadao faced the reluctance of his wife, who was initially apprehensive to keep an American at their home. Side by side rebelled and quiet Dr. Sadao was himself in a dilemma because of the inner conflict between patriotism and humanity.

Long Answer Question

1, How did Dr. Sadao Hoki get rid of the American Soldier?

Ans. Dr. Sadao was keeping an enemy at his house and he was becoming the cause of great stress, tension, trouble and fear for him. Even the General failed to send his assassins, so Dr. Sadao worked out a plan and apprised the soldier about his return and safety. It was pointed out by Dr. Sadao that he would put his boat with extra clothing, medicines, and other essentials on the shore that night. He would row it to the little island which was not far off from the coast. The island is inhabited. He would have a Korean fishing boat. The American soldier agreed and pulled that boat down to the shore. Dr. Sadao arranged everything for the prisoner. He gave him some instructions. In case he ran short of food he would

flash two signals when the sunsets. If he was alright and was on the island he would flash one. The man escaped in the night and Dr. Sadao got no flash of light in the twilight. So the soldier had safely boarded the Korean fishing boat. Thus, Dr. Sadao was able to get rid of the soldier.

Value-based Questions

1, Do you think being human is the greatest virtue, and treating an enemy is not a sin? Explain taking reference of ‘The Enemy’.

Ans. I agree with the statement, reason being, whatever is our nationality, gender, color, caste, or creed- we are humans first. Being embroiled in conflicts and controversies is the side product of our egoism and ideology. These exist because of differences in perception about any idea of the issue. But our basic conscience is sensitive to other’s suffering as reflected very beautifully through the character of Dr. Sadao in the intriguing story ‘The Enemy’. It is rather a core of our spirit, even the mythology of every religion support this idea of compassion. One can not deny its existence, in spite of all the worldly elements, humanity provides its glimpse all around us- in our words, through our acts. One feels for the sufferer. So, whether the injured one is our enemy or friend, it should never matter while treating or extending a helping hand. Humanity is a common thread that binds us despite our differences. Since time unknown and till up to eternity, humanity will prevail.

The Enemy Points to Remember

Sadao Hoki’s house was near the coast in Japan.

His father was a very intelligent and great patriot.

Sadao was sent to America to learn the best available in surgery and medicine to relieve his countrymen of the misery.

Sadao was not sent alongwith the troupes because the General was under his treatment and needed his services.

One day Dr. Sadao saw an injured young soldier.

Dadao brought the white soldier inside his house and started treating him which offended the servants and they decided to leave his house.

Sadao and his wife decided to treat the soldier in spite of the opposition from the Servants.

Sadao’s wife Hana is tense about the presence of an enemy in her house.

Sadao informs the General about his patient who promised to send his assassins to kill him.

Sadao is tense about the assassination of his patient.

He decided to help the American Soldier by providing him with a boat, food and other necessary articles.

He promised to provide him more food in case he is not able to go back beyond the island.

The next day when Dr. Sadao went to treat the General, where the General reminded him about assassinating the enemy but apologised as he forgot about it. Dr. Sadao told him that the man had escaped

Short Answer Questions for Practice

  1. Who was Dr. Sadao? Why was he near the coast?

  2. Why did Dr. Sadao treat the American soldier even though it was an unpatriotic act on his part?

  3. Why didn’t Dr. Sadao put the wounded man back in the sea even though he was his enemy?

  4. How did the servants express their displeasure?

  5. How did Hana show her human side to the wounded man after the operation?

Long Answer Question for Practice

  1. Give the Character sketch of Dr. sadao highlighting his qualities as a doctor?

  2. Do you think the doctor’s final solution to the problem was the best possible one in the circumstances?

  3. There are moments in life when we have to make hard choice between our role as individuals and as citizens with a sense of national loyalty. Discuss with reference to the Enemy.

  4. Hana plays an important role in saving the life of the injured person.

Give a detailed account of her role.

Value-Based Questions

  1. How did Dr. Sadao rise above narrow prejudices of race and country to help a human being in need. Or Describe how Pearl Buck’s story “The Enemy” shows the basic human goodness overpower all other factors.

  1. There are some moments in life when we have to make hard choices between our role as individual and as citizens, with reference to the lesson “The enemy” explain in100 words “How challenges make us better prepared for life”.

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