Solvent Extraction Method of Microbial Products

Solvent Extraction Method of Microbial Products

Many antibiotics are very soluble in organic solvents and do not mix with water. A multi-stage extraction separates the water phase from the organic phase. Extraction can provide purified and condensed products.

Groundwater pollution pollutants

A typical penicillin fermentation solution contains 20-25 mg/antibiotics. Smoothing is used to remove fungal biomass from a fermentation solution. It may be flattening the polymer-reinforced filament function. Neutralization of penicillin is required at pH 3-2. Amyl acetate or butylated acetate is used as an organic solvent to remove more of the fermentation product. Finally, penicillin is dissolved in the form of sodium salts of penicillin and is precipitated by a mixture of butanol and water.

Solvent Extraction Method of Microbial Products

Extraction of penicillin from a fermentation solution is usually accomplished using organic solvents such as butylated acetate, methyl acetate, methyl isobutyl ketone and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK). The isolation of erythromycin with pentyl or amyl acetate is another example of solvent extraction. To recover steroids, solvent extraction is used. Purification of vitamin B12 and the isolation of alkaloids such as morphine and codeine from vegetable raw materials are used in solvent extraction methods. A two-phase solution, the organic phase, and the aqueous phase are generated. For full contact of the liquid phase and vortices to facilitate the soluble transfer from the water phase to the organic phase to the turbulent needIs. However, organic solvents are not suitable for isolating proteins.

Stoichiometry of microorganisms

Two phases occur when polymer particles plus salt in water are dissolved out above a specific concentration. When biological molecules and cell fragments are propagated in a blue phase, a fuzzy that contains proteins and cell fragments is blocked in the other phase. The extracted phase goes to another unit to cure or crystallize. The coefficient of distribution ( k = C Au / C Al ) is fixed in which C Au is the equilibrium concentration of ‘A’ in the upper phase and C Al is the ‘A’ equilibrium concentration in the lower phase. If k> 1, except A, it will prefer the upper phase and if k <1 , except A Prefer the underlying phase. K 3 is necessary for effective separation in a single unit of extraction. For a small k, a large amount of solubility is also required.

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