Production of biological processes

Production of biological processes

As shown in the table below, the main products of the biological process are chemicals, medicines, energy, food, and agriculture. The table below illustrates the general aspects of the benefits and applications of biological processes in these areas. Most of the fermentation products are divided into these three types. The main categories are now discussed.

Methane is created for the most part from the natural waist in a direct anaerobic assimilation process. Be that as it may, hydrogen generation is actually all the more testing as more stages are expected to change overall biomass to hydrogen as a result of thermodynamic imperatives. In any case, the advantage of hydrogen is that it very well may be created, both organically and thermochemically, in more than one route from either natural mixes or water. Research in organic hydrogen generation is blasting, as reflected by the heap of as of late distributed surveys on the subject. This outline is composed of the viewpoint of how to exchange however much vitality as could reasonably be expected from the feedstock into the vaporous items hydrogen, and to a lesser degree, methane. The status and remaining difficulties of all the organic procedures are briefly examined.

Filtration process

Products and services of biological processes

ExplanationProduct and servicethe part
Raw massesEthanol, acetone, butanolchemicals
Organic acids (acetic, butyric [1] , propionic [2] and citric acid)
Soft powderenzymes
antibioticsPharmaceutical ingredients
Enzymatic inhibitors
Monoclonal antibodies
Non-sterileEthanol (a mixture of gasoline and ethyl alcohol) [3]Energy
Methane (biogas) [4]
Non-sterileDairy products (cheese, yogurt and …)Food
Yeast Bread
Liquor (beer, wine)
Food Additives
Amino acids
Vitamin B
Proteins (SCP)
Non sterileAnimal foods (SCP)Agriculture
Operation on waste
Microbial pesticides
Mycorrhizal Seedlings [5]

Introduction to Industrial Microbiology

[1] Butyric

[2] Propionic

[3] Gasohol

[4] Biogas

[5] Mycorrhizal inoculants

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