Plant tissue culture is a major technique or method to the culture of a plant cell, organs, in in-vitro under controlled conditions with a suitable culture medium. it mostly uses as micro-propagation for the culture of cloned plants. through this process, we can quickly produce to mature plants. we can regenerate to the whole plant from a single cell. plant tissue culture is a very suitable technique to cultivate a new plant by plant parts with very least of time. basic of plant tissue culture is cell totipotency power. cell totipotency is the ability of any cell to generated a new whole plant like a parental plant.

Purpose of tissue culture-

  • We can grow a wide range of plants by micro-propagation and clonal propagation.
  • For this require a small land or place for the cultivation of a wide range of plant with least of time.
  • We can also safe to sterile, embryo (immature), they have sexual incompatibility with other plants.
  • We can improve to crop for increase quality, quantity, and disease resistance power.
  • We can be also produced to the production of a secondary metabolite by the help of this technique.
  • It also used for generating a wide range of vanished species.
  • Plant tissue culture useful for production of identical sterile hybrid species.
  • This can be used for haploid, monoploid plants.
  • We van large scale culture of plant cells to obtain biochemicals in bio-reactors.
  • Also generated to pollution eliminator plants. which eliminated to the hazardous component for air, water, and earth.


Techniques– Plant tissue culture performed in laminar air flow cause of aseptic condition also required for tissue culture programme. disinfectant used in plant tissue culture lab to sterile the metal base and stone base platform before starting the process. mercuric chloride also used to explant surface sterilization. for suspension culture process uses liquid growth medium and for explant uses solid medium, the medium should contain all basic nutrients in appropriate quantity witch support to the growth of organ or cells under controlled conditions. then put to culture for growth or regeneration in form of plant or cells.material and reagents required for this process is laminar air flow, glass Petri-dish, burner, forceps, culture bottles, test-tubes, alcohol, medium, analytical balance, marking pen, etc.

General steps-

• Selection of explant in form of tissue, organ, and sterilization of this.
• Preparation of a suitable culture medium and its sterilization
• The place to ex-plant on the medium by using lab facility.
• Provide optimum conditions and allow to growth,
• Day-by-day require optimization and maintenance of conditions.
• Rapid cultivation by transfers of culture.
• Transplanting and transfer to field or Eco-environment.

• Use before and after disinfectants chemicals to avoid contamination and infection on your work area.
• Seal to culture holder or containers and also keep sterile to them.
• Always label to tubes, plats, and bottles according to your step, like about to type of media, date, time etc.

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