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What is Plant biotechnology?

Plant biotechnology is the strategy to improve to plant for human uses by different opportunities. crop improvement by plant biotechnology improve to food quality, quantity, provide job, money, and research work for any country. through the plant, biotechnology improves to crop or plant on a genetic level.

We know that from many thousand years farmers used selection and breeding technique to improve crop plant and quality. but modern technology also called plant biotechnology to provide facility to study particularly gene and its expression in crop plant. it is speed up to process compare to a traditional breeding method and also less from breeding drawbacks.

In short plant, biotechnology is the art, science, and application of knowledge gained from study or research to produce technological changes and improvement In crop plants for the human benefit this defined to plant biotechnology. in this uses molecular techniques, propagation, tissue culture, and another basic strategy for improvement in plants.

Biochemical production, rapid clonal multiplication, viruses elimination of crop plants.
Production of hybrid plants, germplasm conservation, genetic modification in plants like somaclonal variations, somatic hybridization, genetic engineering.

Creation of genome map and use of molecular markers to assist conventional breeding efforts.
Such cells or tissues and organs witch generated by plant biotechnology are either continuously maintain in in-vitro or they pass through a variable invitro phage to enable regeneration from them of complete plantlets which are ultimately transferred to the field.


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