NCERT Social Science Class 9th Pdf

NCERT Social Science Class 9th


9th Class English Text Book Lessons

India and the Contemporary World – 1 (History)

Section I: Events and Processes

Chapter 1: The French Revolution

Chapter 2: Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution

Chapter 3: Nazism and the Rise of Hitler

Section II: Livelihoods, Economics, and Societies

Chapter 4: Forest Society and Colonialism

Chapter 5: Pastoralists in the Modern World

Chapter 6: Peasants and Farmers

Section III: Everyday Life, Culture and Politics

Chapter 7: History and Sport: The Story of Cricket

Chapter 8: Clothing: A Social History

Contemporary India – 1 (Geography)

Chapter 1: India – Size and Location

Chapter 2: Physical Features of India

Chapter 3: Drainage

Chapter 4: Climate

Chapter 5: Natural Vegetation and Wild Life

Chapter 6: Population

NCERT Books For Class 9 Science

Democratic Politics – I (Political Science)

Chapter 1: Democracy in the Contemporary World

Chapter 2: What is Democracy? Why Democracy?

Chapter 3: Constitutional Design

Chapter 4: Electoral Politics

Chapter 5: Working of Institutions

Chapter 6: Democratic Rights


Chapter 1: The Story of Village Palampur

Chapter 2: People as Resource

Chapter 3: Poverty as a Challenge

Chapter 4: Food Security in India

NCERT Maths class 9


भारत और समकालीन विश्व – 1 (इतिहास)

खण्ड I: घटनाएँ और प्रक्रियाएँ

पाठ 1. फ़्रांसिसी क्रांति

पाठ 2. यूरोप में समाजवाद एवं रूसी क्रांति

पाठ 3. नात्सीवाद और हिटलर का उदय

खण्ड II: जीविका, अर्थव्यवस्था एवं समाज

पाठ 4. वन्य समाज एवं उपनिवेशवाद

पाठ 5. आधुनिक विश्व में चरवाहे

पाठ 6. किसान और काश्तकार

खण्ड III: रोजाना की ज़िंदगी, संस्कृति और राजनीति

पाठ 7. इतिहास और खेल: क्रिकेट की कहनी

पाठ 8. पहनावे का सामाजिक इतिहास

समकालीन भारत – 1 (भूगोल)

अध्याय 1: भारत – आकार और स्थिति

अध्याय 2: भारत का भौतिक स्वरुप

अध्याय 3: अपवाह

अध्याय 4: जलवायु

अध्याय 5: प्राकृतिक वनस्पति तथा वन्य प्राणी

अध्याय 6: जनसंख्या

लोकतांत्रिक राजनीति (राजनीति विज्ञान)

अध्याय 1: समकालिक विश्व में लोकतंत्र

अध्याय 2: लोकतंत्र क्या? लोकतंत्र क्यों?

अध्याय 3: संविधान निर्माण

अध्याय 4: चुनावी राजनीति

अध्याय 5: संस्थाओं का कामकाज

अध्याय 6: लोकतांत्रिक अधिकार

NCERT Hindi Book For Class 9


अध्याय 1: पालमपुर गाँव की कहानी

अध्याय 2: संसाधन के रूप में लोग

अध्याय 3: निर्धनता: एक चुनौती

अध्याय 4: भारत में खाद्य सुरक्षा

Each understudy dreams to verify the top position when the outcome announces. This fantasy can work out as expected just with the assistance of class 9 CBSE books. It covers each idea, running from the essential to the complex. The understudies are recommended to begin from the sections which are simpler.

The principal focal point of class 9 understudies ought not to score well but rather to get a handle on the nuts and bolts completely. It will assist the understudies with learning the class 10 subjects effectively as they would get the rudiments in their class 9.

The most ideal approach to examine with the assistance of class 9 books is to peruse it day by day. The best time to begin gaining from this arrangement at whatever point you get time. You don’t have to postpone your homework. You can take in the extreme ideas from these books at whatever point you get time like on vacations, and so forth.

NCERT Sanskrit Books Class 9 Manika

In any case, in the event that you need full, you have to learn a couple of new ideas consistently. This trap will never tell you how you will wind up capable in all ideas. You can likewise tell your companions about it in wording the best approach to download it in their PCs or Laptops.

Subsequently, quit getting baffled with your class 9 subjects. Simply download these class 9 books and begin astounding your folks and kin as you begin scoring the most astounding imprints in your class.

Consequently, all the NCERT Books for class 9 are very much structured and dependable. You can endorse it to anybody. These are useful for feeble understudies as well as take its assistance in understanding the intricate ideas.

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