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The Technology Behind The Nano Dimond Battery is A Universal life-long self-charging the green battery 

NDB incorporates state of the art technology in its systems. Some of the key concepts are:

Diamond Nuclear Voltaic (DNV): NDB is one of the earliest adopters and developers of this technology backed up by recent publications. Typically, DNV as a device is a combination of a semiconductor, metal, and ceramic which has two contact surfaces to facilitate charge collection. Several single units are attached to create a stack arrangement, which is fabricated to create a positive and negative contact surface similar to a common battery system. Every layer of the DNV stack consists of a high energy output source. This kind of arrangement improves the overall efficiency of the system and provides a multi-layer safety shield for the product.

Rapid conversion from radiation to electricity: All radioisotopes are known to produce high amounts of heat. The strategic placement of the source between the DNV units facilitates inelastic scattering originated due to the presence of a single crystalline diamond (SCD) in the DNV unit. This design prevents the self-absorption of heat by the radioisotope and enables rapid conversion to usable electricity.

Thin-film structure: The thin-film profile exhibited by NDB allows radiation absorption in the single crystalline diamond with minimal self adsorption. Due to its flexible design structure, this technology can take any shape and form following the application. This makes NDB’s battery system market-friendly.

Nuclear recycle process: Utilization of radioactive waste as otherwise is a subject not many have looked into. At NDB, we aim to reuse nuclear fuel by reprocessing and recycling to enable sustainability and promote a clean energy source in a safe and secure environment.



One of the key innovations of NDB is its highly sophisticated safety feature covering the three most important aspects of thermal, mechanical, and radiation safety. The battery system uses several concepts to ensure maximum safety of the device:

Diamond encapsulator:  The DNV stacks along with the source are coated with a layer of polycrystalline diamond, which is known for being the most thermally conductive material also can contain the radiation within the device and is the hardest material, twelve times tougher than stainless steel. This makes our product extremely tough and tamperproof.

Built-in thermal vents: The high energy source present in the battery system produces heat during operation. This leads to thermal conduction in the system. Thermal vents in the system help conduct this process concerning the outer surface of the diamond to keep the interiors at an optimum level.

Boron-doped SCD: Trying to utilize every aspect in the system, NDB in addition to alpha and beta also incorporates the usage of neutron radiations by utilizing a boron-10 doping. Doping helps to convert the extra neutron into the alpha ray.

Lock-in System: Using a nuclear power source for a battery system brings up the question of nuclear proliferation due to the production of fissionable isotopes such as Pu- 238 and U-232. To tackle this issue, NDB uses an ion implantation mechanism called the “lock-in system” which prevents usage other than power generation. This increases usability, by meeting consumer safety requirements.




NDB can be used to further the electric vehicle revolution, pushing the industry into never seen before indicators of efficiency and longevity. NDB is ideally positioned to contribute and lead change in this industry by addressing the primary bottleneck in EV vehicles, the battery, one that can last as long as the vehicle does.


The human desire to explore space is fueled by the excitement of exploring the unknown. Recent advances in space technology and the rise of the first manned electric aircraft have led to increasing demand for their battery systems, hindered by concerns regarding longevity and safety. Satellites and space vehicles rely heavily on solar power which can be disrupted by harsh space environments. NDB can be utilized to power drones, electric aircraft, space rovers, and stations whilst allowing for longer activity.

Consumer Electronics

With NDB, every device you own, be it a smartphone or a laptop, can contain a miniature power generator, thus negating the need for constant charging, all whilst delivering a cost-effective solution to countering declining sales for manufacturers. Benefits include power outlet independent devices, increased device computation power, and even the opportunity for the rise of personal quantum computing.

Medical Technology

In situ medical devices and implantable such as hearing aids and pacemakers respectively can benefit from long battery life in a smaller package with the added benefit of safety and longevity.


NDB’s safety, power output, and universality transform this technology into an ideal industrial partner to bring power to many routine applications and those that are difficult to implement. Data centers, remote locations, and hostile environment applications of NDB make it an outstanding promise for productivity and futuristic applications.


Defense-related electronics and surveillance systems can benefit from NDB’s universal applicability and sustained power output, where cutting edge technology in line with proficient defense strategy can alleviate the mobile power concerns of this sector.


ABOUT THE NDB (Nano Dimond Battery) COMPANY

Together we’re building the future

NDB, Inc. is committed to the development and manufacturing of the Nano Diamond Battery (NDB) to provide a clean and green energy solution for the future.

We believe in the coexistence of innovation and the environment. We believe it is our responsibility to implement innovations that improve living standards whilst being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

NDB, Inc. has a vast team of experts both in business and science to deliver the much-needed green energy solution, enabling NDB, Inc. to not only be part of the extremely large global battery market but to also excel and pave the way for the future of batteries.

The Challenge

The modern life is heavily reliable on mobile battery-powered devices affecting daily aspects of our lives, ranging from telecommunication devices to transport vehicles and beyond earth in aerospace technology. There is an increasing demand for efficient and cost-effective batteries from manufacturers, meaning a constant need for improvement on the current state of affairs. Conventional batteries have been riddled with numerous concerns and in the age of increasing consciousness about global warming and waste accumulation, production must be in line with sustainable development principles and process of qualitative change.

The Solution

NDB is a high-power diamond-based alpha, beta, and neutron voltaic battery that can provide device life-long and green energy for numerous applications and overcome limitations of the existing energy creation/distribution solutions. It can be used to power fields such as automotive, consumer electronics, sensors, space machinery, and other electronics powered by a chemical battery. In brief, NDB is a safe, high-powered, green, and versatile solution to the globally growing energy demand made from recycled nuclear waste.

One of the key innovations of NDB is the utilization of a proprietary nanostructure that allows for enhanced device performance and highly sophisticated safety features, which covers radiation, thermal and mechanical aspects.


At NDB we believe in teamwork, mutual respect, and transparency. Diversity and inclusion are part of our core values at the highest level. Having diverse employees, business partners and community relationships is vital to creating products for our customers around the world.NDB’s commitment to diversity has translated into creating a work environment for all employees that is welcoming, respectful, and engaging, with opportunities for personal and professional development. This in turn results in exceptional productivity, quality, creativity, and innovation for the company and our partners.

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Some Feature Scope of Nano Dimond Battery
Some Feature Scope of Nano Dimond Battery

Some Feature Scope of Nano Dimond Battery



ELECTRICITY FOR EVERYONE & EVERYWHERE We want schools, hospitals & homes powered by NDB mini generators.

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