Multiple study lessons per day

Multiple study lessons per day

Study Tips The diversity of course placement in the daily curriculum for study should not be so small and uniform that volunteering is volunteering and should not be so varied as to effectively disrupt, effectively or inaccurately concentrate the volunteer’s mental focus on the lessons studied.

Learning method and success

Volunteers are advised to include limited lessons in their curriculum and should be diverse in the study with a general and specific course, with a balance that assigns 70% of their time to study specific lessons and 30% of the time to general education.

Study Tips To do this, the correct arrangement of the courses in the program, in consultation with their parents and supporters, also ask other successful people in this field, such as those who have accepted the examinations of previous years, and their experiences in this and similar cases. Take advantage of it.

Multiple study lessons per day 1

Study time of the course Study Tips

(Study Tips The Golden Tip ) :- These lessons should be studied when your energy is at its peak, so you need to determine when your energy day is at a high level.

If you walk right, you can get a better result from the study, and focusing on the important issues better by using time and time appropriately.

study tips

A general practice recommendation for volunteers is the study of special lessons in the early hours of the morning, where the minds are generally more energetic and active, such as Riyadh, physics, geometry, and the like at this time, they are more productive.

Daily Routine Examples

Multiple study lessons per day Study Tips

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