Motu Patlu

Motu Patlu

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Motu_Ki_Son_Chidiya Motu patlu/Motu_Patlu_2019__Cartoon_in_Hindi

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Motu Patlu is an Indian vivified sitcom TV arrangement airing on Nickelodeon. The arrangement is delivered by Cosmos-Maya.[4] It is adjusted from the great funny cartoon on Lot Pot. It was debuted on 16 October 2012, start with the scene “Jon Banega Don”. It centers around two companions, Motu and Patlu, living in the anecdotal city Furfuri Nagar.

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Motu: Motu is a full man who fills in as the one of the show’s focal heroes. He gets a kick out of the chance to eat samosas which gives him control. He is a plant specialist. Motu’s closest companion is Patlu. He regularly arrives in a bad position due to his activities. He is continually searching for the most straightforward approach to gain cash, have a ton of fun and get the chance to eat a ton of samosas, regardless of whether it implies landing himself in a bad position. Some of the time he gets over-expressive while commending his triumph and can accomplish something absurd, such as bringing back a privateer into the present who they had sent as of late back to the past. He has likewise appeared about something he has never done. In any case, he is a well-intentioned man who needs to help other people. He wears a red tunic with a naval force blue (however generally dark) vest, yellow Pajamas, and shoes. His talking accent looks affected by Dara Singh. When he eats samosas, he gets additional vitality like Chhota Bheem and can crush anybody on the planet. He is delineated as incredibly terrified of mice. His dad is accepted to have been stolen by extraterrestrials from Axar amid his look for extraterrestrial lifeforms known to mankind.

Patlu: Patlu is a thin man who fills in as one of the show’s focal heroes. He is frequently depicted as the most brilliant person in the city. He frequently gets into inconvenience alongside Motu yet he figures out how to support himself and Motu when they land in a bad position. He generally encourages Motu to be in their ordinary track and in this manner lead a “peril free” life, however, he can generally be cajoled (or constrained) by Motu into helping him. He loathes samosas however wants to peruse papers. It is likewise trusted that his granddad was a boxing champion and had a formula for obtaining exceptional quality, which is later found by Motu. He wears a yellow tunic with orange tights, dark-colored confined glasses, and darker shoes.

Dr. Jhatka: Dr. Jhatka is a whimsical researcher. His pronunciation resembles a sardar, so he has alluded as a Punjabi. His creations are normally extremely great, yet are of little use to the townspeople. Truth be told, a greater number of times than not they end up landing somebody in trouble. He drives a yellow flying vehicle. Jhatka is known by his thinning up top hair, green shirt, violet necktie, and pants. His granddad is appeared to be a mogul looking for the whereabouts of his grandson in Furfuri Nagar; he nearly falls into the tricky, pompous and sly John’s device, who professes to be his researcher grandson. His plan is a parallel rendition of Motu.[6]

Ghasitaram: Ghasitaram has 20 years of involvement in each field however truth be told, not many of the experience is valuable to anybody. He hails from Ghatal situated in West Midnapore in West Bengal. Practically like Dr. Jhatka, his purported “encounters of 20 years” frequently land individuals, particularly Motu and Patlu, in a bad position. His plan is a parallel form of Patlu. He wears a cobalt blue tunic, purple dhoti, dull dark colored vest, and shoes of a similar shading.

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Chingum: is a police overseer. He trusts that no criminal can escape from his grip. Notwithstanding, chingum figures out how to get culprits simply by karma with the assistance of Motu and Patlu. A Rajinikanth lover with a solid south Indian intonation, Chingum is a caring police auditor. He invests heavily in the way that no criminal can ever make tracks in an opposite direction from him. When he shoot his weapon noticeable all around in the wake of telling his exchange, coconuts fall on his head and makes him tumble to the ground. He drives a green engine bicycle and once in a while likewise drives a police jeep. He is here and there aided by two Constables, Hera and Pheri.

Chaiwala: A man who has a coffee bar close to Motu’s house. His genuine home is never uncovered in the arrangement. He makes Motu’s most loved samosas and Palu’s most loved tea in the city. Motu takes the samosas from his shop and does not give the cash to him. Motu gets a great deal of intensity by eating samosas of Chaiwala. In the wake of eating samosas he indicates animosity and can beat anybody, in spite of the fact that the chaiwala dislikes his samosas to be eaten for nothing. He periodically compensates Motu by exempting him from the cash Motu owes him or notwithstanding encouraging him free samosas when he spares him from different inhabitants of Furfuri Nagar.

John: John fills in as the fundamental opponent of the show. John’s desire is to turn into a Don. Be that as it may, his arrangements dependably bomb in all respects gravely and along these lines end up in him getting captured or being provoked by other individuals. He keeps in touch with some short lyrics. As opposed to ordinary criminals, he isn’t anxious about Chingam yet is rather terrified of Motu and Patlu. He is full, and short in size and faces segregation for that. He wears a blue dress shirt with dull blue bloom prints, yellow undershirt, darker belt, dim periwinkle gasp with blue sleeves, and darker shoes.

Number 1 is John’s goon who fills in as one of the supporting adversaries. He loves John’s short ballads. He has splendid plans to trap Motu and Patlu however at whatever point he discloses to him John says that his thought is awful and beats him, saying that he has a superior arrangement yet rehashes a similar one. Despite the fact that he regards John, he is dependably the first to get beaten by him. He wears a blue French check cap, fuchsia striped shirt, denim pants, and a yellow ascot.

Number 2 is John’s goon who infrequently talks. He has a dim imprint on his eye and a bandage on his curiously large nose. He has dim dark colored hair, wears a cyan striped shirt, sea green/blue ascot, and caramel orange jeans.

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Fighter: Motu’s neighbor/neighbor who wears red boxing gloves, a white tank top, and red jeans with vertical yellow stripes. He is a forceful man and an educator in the school they used to visit. His mentor is Mr. Thakur. He generally needs to support his neighbors yet he gets irate and thumps them. He additionally has a costly vehicle which gets crushed by Motu. In “Fighter’s Baby”, it is additionally demonstrated that he is certifiably not a decent parent and couldn’t get his child, Sunny, to rest. Additionally, he is delineated having a weak sibling in “Judwa Boxer” who ends up sufficiently strong later to free him from Motu and Palu’s bondage.

Bubblegum: He is the dad of Chingum and the official of police of the territory involving Furfuri Nagar and abutting towns. He once got awed with Motu and Patlu and even selected them in the police as Havaldars, yet when he came to realize that they were not as able as he had suspected, he got irritated with them and terminated them from the police.

Hera Singh: He is a Hawaldar of Inspector Chingum. He generally tells Chingum, “Aap to top ho, Hindustan ki bounce ho”, which signifies “You are India’s most prominent expectation”.

Pheri Lal: He is a Hawaldar of Inspector Chingum. He generally comments, “You are extraordinary sir, however, brought into the world, minimal late sir”.

Sabziwali: She sells the best vegetables in the entire Furfuri Nagar. Motu can be troublesome to her also now and again and furthermore owes her some cash. She has a red hot temper and can likewise rebuff Chingum on occasion at whatever point his pursuits hurt her vegetables in a few or another way. She wears a green saree over a dark pullover.

Civic chairman: He is the Mayor of Furfuri Nagar. He wears a coat and white shirt with Coat hued Pant. He, some of the time, has ‘City hall leader’ named band on his jacket.

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Munni: She is the sister of Motu.

Chotu: He is the nephew of Motu. He wears Green T-shirt with Pink Pant. In some cases, he wears Brown Shirt with Yellow Pant.

Johnny: He is the elder sibling of John. In ‘Motu Patlu Acchey Insaan’ , he is seen getting. In Episode ‘John Ka Bhai Johnny’, he is seen exceptionally rich.

Infection: He is a researcher. He generally concocts something for John. Consequently, he requests cash to John however John, in any case tricks him. John utilizes his devices as a preliminary on him and places Virus in a bad position.

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