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Basic Medical
A Clinical Approach
Fourth Edition

Marks Basic Medical Biochemistry A Clinical Approach Fourth Edition 1

Basic Medical
A Clinical Approach
Fourth Edition

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Preface to the Fourth Edition

t has been 4 years since the third edition was completed. The third edition retained
the major pedagogic tools of the first and second editions, whereas the text had been
completely revised, and certain features updated from the first edition. The fourth
the edition has, based on extensive reviews by both faculty and students, enhancing the
features of the third edition in the following ways:
1. A major effort for this edition has been to update the patient histories to better
reflect changes in treatment options for the disorders presented in this text. Every
patient history has been reviewed and updated, if needed, to reflect the standard
of care in 2011.
2. The “methods” notes of the third edition have been expanded such that there is
at least one such note per chapter. These notes allow students to understand how
biochemistry is used as a foundation for many of the laboratory tests ordered
during the diagnosis of a patient.
3. Biochemical comments in several chapters have been updated to reflect recently
research, particularly as it applies to signal, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic

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4. Every chapter now contains a Table, at the end of the chapter, summarizing the
diseases discussed in the chapter.
5. All chapters were reviewed and updated, where appropriate. Errors found, or
pointed out by observant readers, were corrected.
6. The online question bank has been expanded by 5 questions per chapter, bringing
the total number of questions (and explanations) in that bank to 468. The text
itself contains 245 questions and explanations for student review.
7. Chapter references are now only available as an online supplement to the text.
The references, where appropriate, are linked to the original research article in
In revising a text geared primarily toward medical students, the authors always
struggle with new advances in biochemistry and whether such advances should be
included in the text. In this text, the authors include only advances that will enable
the student to better relate biochemistry to medicine and future diagnostic tools.
Although providing incomplete, but exciting, advances to graduate students is best
for their education, medical students require a more directed approach, one that
emphasizes how biochemistry is useful for the practice of medicine. This is a major
goal of this book.

Biochemistry Satyanarayana Chakrapani

Any errors are the responsibility of the authors, and we would like to be notified
when such errors are found.
We have retained the interesting names of the patients in this edition. The use of
such names are meant as an educational tool and are not meant to be disrespectful to
the patients or their conditions.
The accompanying website for this edition of Marks’ Basic Medical Biochemistry:
A Clinical Approach contains the aforementioned additional questions for review,
patient summaries (complete stories of all the patients discussed in the text), and the
references for each chapter:

Fourth Edition

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