Learning method and success

Learning method and success

The most important skills that lead to your academic success are:

  • Having a goal

  • Skills in the classroom

  • The study program at home

  • Write important notes when reading

  • The focus of the senses

  • Nutrition and rest

  • Skills at the exam session

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Having a goal

  • The goal is what the person tries to achieve, and if he does not try to achieve it, the goal is not intended.

  • Specify the purpose of the course.

  • Encourage yourself after reaching any minor goal.

  • The larger the target, the more energy your inner energy will be to achieve it.

Skills in the classroom

  • Collect your senses in class.

  • Learn the lesson in the classroom because learning new content begins in the classroom.

  • Ask if you do not understand the story. Do not postpone this.

  • Do not be embarrassed to ask.

  • Use different colors to write lesson notes or to solve exercises.

  • Try to learn with college students and colleagues with the permission of the teacher.

The poetry on your lips

The study program at home

  • The study program at home avoids wasting your time and energy.

  • Adjusts the hours of studying and doing homework.

  • Run the program is more important than the program itself.

  • The study program should be simple and flexible.

  • Do not rush in planning to increase the volume of your study.

  • Consider scheduling for the course, because learning each subject contains 20% of the study and 80% of the review.

Write important notes when reading

  • To study the lesson, do not study

  • Study and practice homework every day on the same day.

  • Briefly highlight the lessons to use in the upcoming reviews.

  • The best source for reading is textbooks.

  • Negative thoughts at the time of the study – the least likely outcome of a lesson.

The focus of the senses

  • Decentralized attention is normal and you should not worry about yourself. Just try to control it.

  • Studying in a fixed location and time is effective in the concentration of attention.

  • When reading from note-taking and summarizing, use important points to focus more.

  • Sometimes the vocal is effective in focusing the senses.

  • The regularity of the study desk and the privacy of it will improve the focus of the senses.

  • If you have difficulty concentrating your senses, stop studying and pause a bit. Relax a little, or jump up and down, or bake an apple or nap.

how to improve memory and concentration

Nutrition and rest

  • Do not forget to eat a full breakfast before going to school.

  • Students who do not eat breakfast have less learning and less efficiency at school.

  • Do not forget to eat yogurt, salads, fruits, fish, vegetables, walnuts, and almonds.

  • To remove mental fatigue after an hour of study, eat a glass of milk with dates or honey.

  • When your brain is sleeping, it creates a new memory and categorizes the readings.

  • Usually, 6-8 hours of sleep per day is good for teens and young people.

  • It’s best to have a steady place to sleep.

  • If you do not come up with troublesome thoughts when you get into trouble, do not confront them.

Skills at the exam session

    • Exams are good excuses for a regular study. Use this trigger well and review the content.

    • Read useful.

    • Get ready for a semester from a month ago.

  • Ask your teacher for budget questions.

  • At the exam, first, answer the questions more easily and then go to more difficult or time-consuming questions.

  • Keep in mind that the results of the exams are not a sign of our personality but a sign of our effort to learn the lessons.

Learning method and success

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