Human Hybridoma Technology



The fusion of two types of cells produce a hybridoma cell and when one is myeloma cell and other is antibody-producing  B cells term for this use monoclonal antibody. a human hybridoma is the production of a human monoclonal antibody. mainly the method or technique of production of monoclonal is the basis of separation of immunoglobulin genes from antigen-specific B- cells. in this process produced a complete antibody molecule witch used for therapeutic purpose. for the fusion of both type of cells used electroporation (an optimum electric shock) methods witch induces fusion of both cells and produced to human hybridoma cell. one problem with human hybridoma production is that is very critical to obtain B- lymphocytes immunized with optimal antigens for the ethical purpose,


Human B- cell Hybridoma Production-

The use of human cell system to recombinantly create antibody obtained from mice bearing human immunoglobulin (Ig) transgenes. that approach is not fully exploited for immunotherapy development. we reasoned that this technique used to improve to suboptimal hybridoma cells created through ex-vivo immunization and immortalization of human B- cells (antigen-specific) for clinical antibody development. we are able to produce to hybridoma lines secreting with high binding specificity and biological activity. human hybridoma cells have proven optimum for genetic optimization using the morphogenic method and have shown potential for large scale production,


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