How to start writing a paper

How to start writing a paper

1- Paper read a sentence that says if you want to be successful old things that successful people have done just repeat. To start writing essays, you should first read many articles in your area. Go to the site and download and read a few full articles by searching for an easy topic in your field.

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 2- Repeat the research exactly: You can select an article and do it exactly. This work is very common in the world of science because every research has to be repeated repeatedly so that it can be considered with certainty. You can re-run the tools and questionnaires of that research and, in accordance with that article, start writing your article yourself.

 3. Start with the conference: Conferences can be considered as a class of teaching writing. Contrary to the opinion of some people, the conferences are not in vain. At their least useful point is that many students start writing papers for the conference. There are hundreds of conferences on this site. Choose one and send a poorly written article. The maximum thing you lose is that your article will be rejected. You can also participate in several conferences without presenting articles.

4. Write down a bad article as soon as possible! We mean that writing an article, though it’s weak and very basic, is better than not writing it. You can even write an article today.

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5. Get help from other students: Write an article with your pen. Ask a student or classmate who has written an article to read your article and write a bug on it for comment. These comments are the best and best tool for learning writing articles and you will be an excellent writer using this method.

6. Create a paper framework: Most articles have a standard structure. Just look at the structure of an article and write down your content.

7. Now leave details: There is a lot of detail on the scientific article. You do not need the first article to be the fullest article. How to name the tables or charts, how to report a tool, what research in the introduction, and so on, to start writing an article. Little by little, writing each article will improve the power of your pen.

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8. Do not Exaggerate: Not all of the work of an article is to be done alone. You do not need to know all the statistical software to write an article. If one person was to write an article alone then why do most articles have several names? Even many highly researched researchers do not know the statistical software. So try to help your friends and write the first article as a team.

9. The writing workshop is good but … ..: Participating in workshops or courses that teach writing is good but one condition. Start writing essay first and learn the basics and then get involved in completing your knowledge. Unfortunately, experience has shown that these workshops do not have much impact on writing. Of course, not because of the quality of the workshop, but because many people participate in them without a goal and without having the experience of writing essays.

How to start writing a paper

The final point in teaching writing

Well, if you act on these points, we promise you a few years later. The final recommendation is to get started as soon as possible and write your first article. Do not forget that this is not so easy, but it’s not difficult either. You are accepted at the university, so you have the intelligence, talent, ability, and knowledge of writing an article.

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