how to improve memory and concentration

how to improve memory and concentration

how to improve memory and concentration:- Wonderful ways to improve memory This article attempts to provide some scientific and practical solutions to improve brain memory and brain function during the course of examinations.

Daily Routine Examples

1- Walk after each exam

It has been proven that exercise brings about the power of the brain and memory. During a study by Dr. Chuck Hillman of the University of Illinois, it was found that 20 minutes of exercise can be improved before the exam.

reading slowly

2- Read loudly instead of reading slowly and silently

You might imagine others with such lessons, but you can not even imagine how much learning and information will improve for your money.

Encourage yourself

Motivate Yourself Quotes

There are several ways in which you can implement the incentive system for your study. The simplest kind of encouragement is to use the foods you are interested in. For example, the use of chicken pasta is one of the suggested options. In this way, give yourself a bonus if you answer the correct questions correctly.

Remember what you learn

4. Remember what you learn

The best way to make sure you understand the point is to try to teach it to someone else. If you were not able to find someone for this, try revising the hypothetical person for this training process so that all the content of the queen’s mind is in your mind.

how to improve memory and concentration 1

5. Strengthen your video memory

The ability to link different options is not easy. You must try to define the indicator and indicator of everything you learn. So, for the lessons learned, you will have a specific mental map. So, if you come across something similar to the map from which that question or item is in your mind, you will immediately get the point and answer. So try to reinforce your mental map and memory in your learning.

Draw a shape

6. Draw a shape

Drawing shapes and images can help improve learning and memorizing content. This is due to the use of video memory for the complete stay of the content. For example, in a course like a bio, with the full specification of bacteria, you can fully remember the different parts of a bacterium that is both gram-positive and gram-negative.

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