Groundwater pollution pollutants

Groundwater pollution pollutants

Groundwater pollution is among the most important environmental threats to the health of communities and ecosystems. This problem occurs more often when contaminated water is used for drinking or if it is in contact with surface waters. Hydrocarbon contamination of groundwater can be caused by leakage during extraction, refining, storage and transportation of oil and products.

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Hydrocarbon compounds are a mixture of ring compounds and aliphatic which, according to their chemical structure, vary in their solubility in water. Especially volatile compounds, especially BTEX and phenol, are the most soluble components of hydrocarbon compounds due to its high solubility in water. At the same time, linear and also multi-condensed compounds have less water solubility. Among the hydrocarbon oils, there are heavier compounds, which, despite their low solubility, can be trapped in underground water that is dissolved in water and downstream. Many studies have been carried out on the identification and purification of oil compounds from underground water, some of which are presented in the following table.

The BTEX single-ring compounds are toxic compounds that also have a carcinogenic effect with high solubility in water. There are various ways to clear BTEX from underground water, including absorbing on activated carbon, zeolites, or other adsorbents, chemical processes and biological methods.

Phenol is also a volatile and hazardous pollutant that is introduced into the environment by many industries such as the industries producing phenol-formaldehyde resin, petrochemicals, coking plants, and leather. The pollutant has been cleared of underground water by physical and biological methods.

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In fact, a group of polycyclic compounds from incomplete combustion or pyrolysis of hydrocarbons are generally organic materials such as gas, oil, coal, wood, and waste are. This material as a combination Bhshdtsrtanza, high-performance bio-accumulation, and mutagenic known

The most common hydrocarbon pollutants in groundwater and cleaning methods


pollutant Compounds used and cleaning methods
BTEX Activated carbon, zeolite, and other adsorbents, filtration systems, biodegradation, ORCs, Fenton and modified Fenton, Ozone
Phenol Pumping and purification, biodegradation
PAH Chemical oxidation, biodegradation, and activated persulfate






Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Groundwater pollution pollutants

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