Ncert Solutions For Class 12 English Evans Tries an O-level

Ncert Solutions For Class 12 English Evans Tries an O-level


  1. What kind of a person was Evans?

Ans, Evans was a young, clever prisoner. He had escaped thrice from the prison for which he was known ‘ Evans the Break’. He was not a violent sort of person. He was quite a pleasant person and was a star at the Christmas concert. He was a ‘Kleptomaniac’ and had broken jail thrice. He was a master planner and was very sociable. He knew how to keep intimate contact with people. In the words of the Governor, he was a pleasant sort of chap with no record of violence.

  1. What were the precautions taken for the smooth conduct of the examination?

Ans, Value Points: For smooth conduct examination various precautionary measures were taken. All sharp instruments like razor nail scissors were removed. The Governor, senior prison officer Jackson, and officer Stephen were put on duty. A special invigilator was arranged. A microphone was fitted in the prison cell where the examination was to be conducted.

  1. How did the question paper and the correction slip help the prisoner and the governor?

Ans, A photocopied sheet was very cleverly pasted on the question paper and the correction slip. It was to finalize the details of the plan of escape and to make the authorities believe that the wounded man was McCleery, the invigilator himself. On the other hand, these helped the governor to locate the place where Evans was hiding.

  1. What was seen by Stephens on opening the peephole of Evans’cell after seeing off McCleery?

Ans, After seeing off McCleery, Stephens had the intuition to have a look into the cell of Evans. He was shocked to see something very horrible. There he found a man lying in the chair with his head smeared in blood. Based on a preconceived notion, without ensuring the identity of the injured man, Stephens took him as McCleery. He raised hue and cry and called the police.

  1. How did Evans manage his final escape?

Ans, Evans was on verge of arrest in the hotel. He was handcuffed and made to sit in a prison van. But the people sitting in the van were his compliance who were like hand in glove with him. They opened his handcuff and took the van to Newbury and facilitated his final escape. Thus, Evans outwitted the governor by dodging and taking a lead over him with his calculated and meticulous steps.

6. How was injured McCleery able to befool the prison officers?

Ans, Mclerry befriended the invigilator in the jail who supplied him the artificial blood in a rubber ring. Being a fine actor, he poured it over himself, and with his handkerchief hid his face from the eyes of the prison officers. He faked unbearable pain and pretended incoherent in utterance so as to conceal his voice. With his superb acting, he befooled and confused the prison officers’ steps.

Long Answer Question

  1. What were the precautions taken for the smooth conducting of the examination?

Ans. Evans had already escaped from the jail on three earlier occasions, there was always a fear that he might make another attempt to escape. Therefore all possible precautions were taken The Governor personally monitored all security arrangements. Recreation Block was heavily guarded against, where he expected the prisoner to make another break. Evans’s cell was thoroughly checked by Jackson to ward off the possibility of the presence of material which might hamper the smooth conducting of the examination.

His nail scissors, nail-file, and razor were taken away, and to keep a strict watch on the activities of the cell during the examination, the Governor got it bugged. A police officer Stephens was posted to keep a constant vigil on his activities. The invigilator was also frisked to make sure that he carried no objectionable material with him.

  1. “Between crime and punishment, it is mainly a battle of wits”. Justify the statement.

Ans. In the story “Evans tries an O-level”, the prisoner Evans was able to escape in spite of the best precautionary measures. In this story, there is a battle of wits between the governor and two officers on one hand and Evans on another. It was fully ensured by prison authorities that Evans should not escape at any cost. He impersonated Mclerry, the invigilator, and stayed inside the cell. And finding the right opportunity he escaped. Thus, Evans had the last laugh as he is the mastermind in escaping from prison while the governor is just a good for a giggle, gullible governor.

The police arrest the criminals and the law enforcement agencies fight cases. But many times, the criminals got themselves scot-free by playing numerous uncanny ways. The punishment often does not match with the gravity and intensity of crime. It varies according to the resourcefulness of the criminal, his ability to defend himself, and how cunningly one is able to manipulate the facts and figures.


  1. What different queries does the Secretary of the Examinations Board make from the Governor before conducting the examination for Evans and why?

  2. Who made a call regarding a correction in the question paper? What did it really want to convey?

  3. Who is Carter? What does the Governor want him to do and why?

  4. How did the Governor manage to reach Evans in the hotel? OR What helped the prison officers track Evans?

  1. What did the Governor do to find out about the correction slip?

  2. Why did Evans drape a blanket round his shoulder? What did Stephens think about it?

Long Answer Questions for Practice

  1. How does Evans outwit the jail authorities?

  2. How could the jail authorities have averted Evan’s escape?

  3. Do you think the title ‘Evans Tries an O-Level’ is appropriate? Give reasons in support of your answer.

  4. How did the Governor manage to reach Evans in the hotel?

  5. Who is the driver of the van who eventually takes Evans to freedom?

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