In December 2019 there was a cluster of cases on pneumonia in China. The investigation found that it was caused by a previously unknown virus now named 2019 novel coronavirus.

Coronavirus:- A large group of viruses consists of a code of genetic material surrounded by an envelope with a protein spike that gives the appearance like a crown. Crown In Latin called corona this is how the virus gets its name. There are different types of corona respiratory and gastrointestinal. It can range from the common cold to pneumonia & most people’s symptoms tend to be mild.


Some sever disease are as follows:

SARS-COV:- Identified in china 2003

MERS-COV:- Saudi Arabia 2012

2019 n-COV:- China 2019

Mostly occur in a group of people with pneumonia who have been associated with seafood & live animal market in Wuhan. Disease since spread to the sick person to others including family members & health care staff. There are many cases at present & disease spread with n china & also to other countries.

Origin of virus

It is known that COV spread in a range of animals. Sometimes it can jump from animal to human also called a spillover & it could be due to a range of factors such as a mutation in the virus or increased contact between humans & animals.

Example:- MERS-COV is known to be transmitted through camels & SARS-COV from civet cat.

How it is transmitted?

Generally, RTI spread when the infected person cough or sneeze or something which is contaminated with virus.

The group most at risk?

1) Close contact with animals such as live animal market workers.

2) Those who care for those with infected viruses such as family members or health care workers.


Symptoms range from mild to severe.

Mild – fever, cough, shortness of breath.

Severe- pneumonia, kidney failure.


How we can say that the person is infected it can be diagnosis by PCR, Identify virus by genetic fingerprinting.


1) No specific medication

2) Supportive care

3) No vaccine

Treatment and vaccines are under development.


1) The number of standard hygiene practices.

2) Covering mouth & nose while sneezing with a tissue, mask, medical mask, elbow.

3) Appropriate use of mask & personal protective equipment especially in the health care setting.

4) Wash your hands regularly with soap & water or alcohol-based hand rub.

5) Avoid unnecessary contact with animals.

6) Stay at home when feeling unwell.

7) If having fever, cough, difficulty in breathing – seek medical care early.

8) Share previous travel history with health providers.


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