BIOT-Elect-Sem-I UNIT- I



Paper: Introduction to Biotechnology
Code No: BIOT-Elect-Sem-I-T                                      Internal Ass.: 8 Marks 

Objective: In this course, the students will be introduced to the subject of biotechnology and made aware of the experimental techniques used in biotechnology along with the various biosafety practices that must be followed. Since the experimental data needs further verification by statistical analysis, basics of statistics will also be taught to the students

Course Syllabus

General Introduction: Origin and Definition of Biotechnology, History from Biology to Biotechnology.

Scope and importance: Emergence of Modern Biotechnology and its promises in agriculture, medicine, and environmental sciences,

Types of Biotechnology:- Red, white, Green, and Blue biotechnology.

Biotechnology in India: Various Centres of Biotechnology in India, their objectives, and achievements.

Regulatory issues in Biotechnology: Biosafety in developed & developing countries;

Biosafety levels, Protocols, Benefits and Risks, Risk assessment, and regulatory mechanism. Good Laboratory Practices (GLP )

Course Information

Estimated Time: 12h


Course Instructor

Mr Jagjit Gupta Mr Jagjit Gupta Author

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