Biotechnology Scope For Students

Biotechnology Scope For Students 2021-22 Biotechnology has made a significant place in India. Under this field, all the possible fields, such as pharmaceuticals, food manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, education, and research-related work have become involved. In addition to the said fields, contributions to biotechnology cannot be overlooked in many other fields.

Biotechnology Scope For Students
Biotechnology Scope For Students

1, Opportunities Studying Biotechnology

Regardless of the issues related to bioinformatics that have revolutionized Biofertilizers, Biopesticides, Green Revolution, or IT field, Biotechnology is providing a lot of employment opportunities for the youth of India. Now we mention the different areas that have great potential for the unprecedented development of the career of students studying biotechnology.

Biotechnology Scope For Students
Biotechnology Scope For Students

1. Medical Writings College and University

3. Pharmaceutical companies

4. IT companies

5. Health Care Centers

6. Agriculture Sector

7. Animal Husbandry

8. Genetic Engineering

9. Research Laboratories

10. Food Manufacturing Industry

2, Career Options for Students in Biotechnology

The field of biotechnology is being developed at a very fast pace and there is no shortage of opportunities for students who have a diploma / BTech / MTech or Doctoral Degree in Biotechnology. Whether it is a private sector or a government job, biotech candidates can get excellent job profiles in different companies. A list of some of the best-known job profiles usually offered to biotech candidates are given below:

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Career Options And Job profiles

3, Diploma get To do Of after available Job profiles

In India, freshers doing diplomas in various polytechnics biotechnology receive the following job offers after the completion of the course:

1. Clinical Laboratory Technician

2. Biological Supplier Manufacturing

3. Environmental Technician

4. Food Safety Mechanism

5. Pharmaceutical Research Technician

Biotechnology Scope For Students
Biotechnology Scope For Students

4, BTech To do Of after available Job profiles

BTech students in Biotechnology usually get the following job offers by Indian and Multinational Companies:

1. Laboratory Assistant

2. Professor / Associate Professor

3. Biotechnology Expert

4. Business Development Executive

5. Sales Manager

6. Marketing Executive Treni

5, Amtech To do Of after available Job profiles

Amtech students in Biotechnology have the opportunity to work well in their excellent career and work in rewarding job profiles:

1. Bacteriologist

2. Molecular Biologist

3. Scientologist

4. Geneticist

5. Immunologist

6. Microbiologist

7. Bio-informaticians

8. Pharmacologist

9. Bio-analytical Chemist

10. Food chemists

11. Environmental Chemist

12. Medical Biochemist

6, Ph.D. To do Of after available Job profiles

Studying a doctoral degree is a difficult task. However, once you have received a Ph.D. or Doctoral degree, you are offered Leading Rolls in the industry. The following are some special job roles:

Biotechnology Scope For Ph.D Students
Ph.D. To do Of after available Job profiles

1. Biotechnology Researcher

2. Process engineer

3. Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research Analyst

4. Lead Biotechnology Consultant

5. Clinical Project Manager

6. Patent Search Analyst

7. Research Scientist

8. Medical technologist and laboratory technologist

9. Quality Assurance / Quality Control Executive

10. Biotechnology Expert

7, Salary Prospects

According to the report of Make in, India is one of the top 12 biotech destinations in the world and its third rank in Asia Pacific. This shows that the demands of professionals from the field of Biotechnology are constantly increasing. There are more than 350 biotechnological companies in India and doing specialization courses in biotech can now prove to be very beneficial.

Biotechnology jobs

Here the salary expansions of this field are being offered which you should know before starting your career in this field. These Salary Expectations vary according to your senior level in any company whose details are as follows:


Salary Akspekteshns ( million Rs .)


2-3    Mid-level  4-6

Senior-level  7-10

Top-level <10

8, Famous Companies for Biotech Engineers

According to the recommendations of the Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the following Top 10 firms offer development opportunities for the development of Career of Biotech Engineers:

1. Biocon Limited

2. Indian Immunologists Ltd (IIL), operated by the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB)

3. GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited

4, Transavia bio-medical

5. Wockhardt

6. Piramal Group

7. Serum Institute of India Limited

8. Residential Seeds (P) Limited

9 Shantha Biotechnics Limited

10. Krebs Biochemicals and Industries Limited (KBIL)

Companies listed by IEEEF include Agriculture, Dairy, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, and many other fields. These companies provide not only huge job opportunities for emerging biotechnologists but also provide opportunities for special inclusions, and these innovations can make positive changes in our current working practices.

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