Biology Tips for the SSC CGL Examination

Biology Tips for the SSC CGL Examination, General Awareness of the SSC CGL examination is one of the trickiest and toughest sections out of all the sections. Many candidates fail to score good marks in the GA section which reduces their probability of attaining their dream jobs.

Biology Tips for the SSC CGL Examination
Biology Tips for the SSC CGL Examination

In SSC CGL Examination, is one of the most popular exams in this competitive era. Lakhs of students appear for this exam every year. This year, the SSC CGL exam gets delayed a little bit. All candidates must be ready with their preparation. it would not be wrong to say that the GA section is the rank maker. If we further divide the GA section,

We will find out that the Biology from the General Science section is the lengthiest and most complex. While a candidate can easily cover physics and chemistry of General Science, Biology is what seems to be a tough nut to crack for the CGL Aspirants. Hence, in this article, we will discuss the comprehensive strategy to master Biology for the SSC CGL Examination.

Biology Preparation Tips for the SSC CGL Examination

Since the weightage of the Biology questions in the SSC CGL is about 4-6 marks, you will have to be specific and smart about what you study and what you do not in Biology.

NCERT Books: No you don’t need to study all the NCERT books for your biology preparation for the SSC CGL Examination. Instead, you will have to study specific and important topics from the CBSE NCERT Books. You can use NCERT Book as a guide to study complex and important topics like what are the types of cells, the heart & its functions, plant morphology and basics of the animal kingdom, etc. You should make use of class 8 to class 10th NCERT for studying for SSC CGL topics.

Use the Internet: Now it is not much recommended to study from random sources but for the Biology section of the SSC CGL, you can make use of the internet to study complex topics like what is the human digestive system, how our hearts work, plant morphology, etc. But, you should ensure that you only make use of trusted sites, youtube channels, and sources to refer for your biology preparation from the internet.

Previous year papers: In the SSC CGL Examination, you can score great marks in the examination if you prepare according to the previous year’s questions. You should spend sufficient time solving and analyzing previous year’s questions of Biology asked in the SSC CGL Examination. It will help you to understand the type of questions asked in the examination along with important topics. Moreover, most of the time, biology questions are repeated in the SSC CGL examination.

Give Daily Quizzes: In biology, since we have to study a lot of theory, it demands regular revision and practice. Hence, attempting quizzes becomes important for the biology section since giving quizzes will keep you in touch with your biology theory and you will get to practice important questions. Moreover, you can give topic-wise quizzes on important topics like the human organ system, blood, animal classification, etc to further strengthen your preparation.

Static Data: In the SSC CGL Examination, more importance is given to the static data related to important biology facts. You shall be prepared to answer static questions from Vitamins, Human Diseases, Animal Diseases, Scientific names of animals & Plants, Bones, etc. Hence, pay special focus on static facts during your preparation of Biology for the SSC CGL Examination.

Short Notes: During your preparation, always try to make short notes of important biology topics. In the last days of your examination, you won’t have much time to revise everything, that is when your short notes of important biology topics can help you greatly.

Revision: Like any subject, revision is key in Biology. Considering the huge amount of theory in Biology, it becomes more important to revise regularly. If you fail to revise Biology frequently, all that you have studied might go in vain. So, include the revision as a top priority in your Biology Preparation.

Biology Tips for the SSC CGL Examination

I suggest you keep your approach simple: Study the concept: Study the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology concepts from video lectures/lessons or books thoroughly.

Practice questions using online quizzes:

Take previous years questions:

Take the sectional test: to test your speed and accuracy and also identify your strong and weak areas. Improve on your weak areas by again following the steps of learning the concept and practicing questions, and retake the sectional tests.

Revise: This is one of the most important, yet, undervalued steps in the preparation process. Revision is important to retain information. Therefore, revise the concepts thoroughly and repeat.

Focus on Important Topics: List down Important Topics and make sure you study those topics and practice a lot of questions.

Work on your weak Areas: It is very easy to go along well with your strong areas, but it is best to work on your weaker areas and give them your best shot. Practice on the weak areas so that it is easy in the examination to solve them more easily.

Go Through Previous Year Question Papers: This will help candidates to have an idea of the examination pattern. Aspirants should practice the papers during the revision time so that they can know the time limit and can practice weak areas.

Don’t Overburden Yourself: It is important not to overburden yourself while preparing for the examination. This is the most important requirement for maintaining focus and concentration.

Follow these important and practical tips to master the Biology section for your SSC CGL Examination and score higher in the SSC CGL GA section Examination For your Brighter future,

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