B.A./B.Sc. (General) Third Semester Bio-Technology

B.A./B.Sc. (General) Third Semester Bio-Technology


Introduction to Genetic Engineering and Immunotechnology

Exam.Code:0003 Sub.

Code: 0258 1128

Max. Marks: 75

The time allowed: 3 Hours

NOTE: Attempt five questions in all, including Question No. LX (Unit-V) which is compulsory and selecting one question each from Unit 1- IV.


a) Discuss the steps in the purification of DNA from an animal cell I. (9,6)

b) Describe the applications of gene cloning

a) Explain the action of restriction exonucleases and ligases, I. (8,7)

b) Discuss the function and applications of bacteriophages as vectors


Describe how a genomic library is prepared. Discuss its advantages and application. (15)

a) Discuss the method of electroporation for transfection b) Describe the technique of PCR (7,8)


 a) Discuss the structure and function of the thymus.

b) Describe the antigen-antibody agglutination reaction (8,7)

a) Describe how active immunity is activated.

b) Discuss the structure of IgM (8,7)


 Discuss different types of antigen-presenting cells and their function

a) Describe the structure and function of MHC II.  (8,7)

b) Discuss the role of natural killer cities in immunity P.T.O

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B.A./B.Sc. (General) Third Semester Bio-Technology 1

B.Sc(General) Third Semester Bio-Technology


B.A./B.Sc. (General) Third Semester Bio-Technology

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