Animal Tissue Culture Introduction

Animal Tissue Culture

What Is Animal Tissue Culture ??

Animal tissue/ cell culture is the very complex process in which there all cells grown in invitro controlled conditions. that became a common technique in the mid of 1900 c. the cells may be directly removed by enzymatic and mechanical method before the in-vitro culture.
Organ culture-
culturing to an organ or piece of organ invitro. the aim of this to maintain the architecture of the tissue and direct it towards normal development the tissue should never be disrupted or damaged.
Culture Conditions
in the in-vitro culture of animal tissue require a suitable vessel witch containing medium with all appropriate nutrients, growth factor, gases (oxygen), a piece of regulated physical chemical equipment like pH, temperature


(a) Laminar Air Flow (LAF): that work as an aspic working platform for inoculation.
(b) CO2 Incubators: that equipment provide suitable environmental conditions to the growing tissue

Procedure : (tissue culture steps)

1. preparation and sterilization of apparatus- that doing for the elimination of undesired microbes. for this have the all apparatus at 160 temperature for one hour and for moist heat at 121 degrees in an autoclave.
2.preparation and sterilization of media and reagents.
3. preparation of animal material or tissue that will be used in culture

Application- (advantages of tissue culture)

that is used to study the normal physiology and biochemistry of cells or tissue-like aging. that is also used for manufacturing of biological compounds like vaccines, proteins. and tissue culture also used to produce a beneficial mutation for the desired purpose.


-Genetic instability:- heterogeneity, variability.
– Contamination during tissue culture.
-The expertise necessary- for a good culture

Molecular Biology Of The Cell

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