About Zoology Notes

About Zoology Notes App

This privacy policy includes all the details about the data collected in the Zoology Notes App and how it’s used.

As a user, we also do not like to give personal pieces of information and we don’t want to see our pieces of information collected without knowing what will be going to happen to those dates. Zoology Notes App has been alive with the support and trust of its users. We want to keep the trust; you can find all the details about the data usage below.

Zoology Notes App does collect anonymous usage data. This data does not include your original device identification numbers, your real personality or your personal data if it’s not directly given by you in an open forum.

Zoology Notes App can not access your real information and your purchases or any other action may not be restored without associating purchases with some information. This is why it is recommended to fill the registration form in the application. That form contains personal information that helps us contact the user easily, help quickly and solve possible licensing problems.

Usage/interactions in the application are used to determine what stations is being listed at most and which functions attract the most attention so we can improve those sections. This information also allows us to be able to serve better features like listing the most popular stations according to a specific region.

These datas may be used to serve additional services to 3rd parties like station statistics. NONE of these services will include sensitive information/personally identifying data if not permitted by you.

In some cases, Zoology Notes App may communicate directly with a 3rd party server to obtain the latest data for display within the app (such as rss feeds, artist/song images and pieces of information) . When this happens – we don’t transmit any data about you or your usage to these 3rd parties except where explicitly stated. Please check these 3rd parties (where applicable) for their additional privacy policies.

Advertising Banner Privacy Policy

Zoology Notes App may display advertisements in various places in the application. This system may use and transmit basic regional/language information about you to the advertising banner system in order to provide you with relevant ads. In some cases, we may have agreements with sponsors and we may hide advertisements in that situation. Even though the advertisement may get hidden in that situation, we may provide similar pieces of information to sponsors or 3rd parties.

3rd Party Content Privacy Policy

Zoology Notes App may display live web pages or images from 3rd party sources and in these cases, you should read the privacy policies displayed by these websites. We use Google Image Search for some of the images related to now playing info.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding privacy while using the Application, or have questions about our practices, please contact us via email at [email protected]

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